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Daily Devotional
Portraits of Jesus
George W. Brown

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Jonathan Bagster

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Daily Devotional

Portraits of Jesus
by George W. Brown

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Today's Bible Reading
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Portraits of Jesus is a daily devotional that will take readers on a tour through the fascinating art gallery of the Bible where are displayed three hundred and sixty-five exquisite portraits of our wonderful Saviour. These portraits are a collection of the names, titles, and appellations by which Christ is portrayed in the Bible. Through this inspiring assortment of names and titles, the author has endeavored to focus on all aspects of the life, ministry, and character of Jesus. Each title is full of spiritual, theological, and devotional insights that provide encouragement, inspiration, and assurance in Christ. The inspiration for this daily devotional is from Ellen G. White's timely admonition that "It would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of the life of Christ. We should take it point by point, and let the imagination grasp each scene, especially the closing ones. As we thus dwell upon His great sacrifice for us, our confidence in Him will be more constant, our love will be quickened, and we shall be more deeply imbued with His spirit."--The Desire of Ages, page. 83.

Portraits of Jesus offers an ideal opportunity to engage in this daily "contemplation of the life of Christ" by focusing on the spiritual and theological significance of the many names and titles of our Redeemer. To help with this daily contemplation, a special Bible text, containing a name or title of Jesus, has been carefully selected for each day of the year. Accompanying the text for each day is an appropriate commentary on the day's title, followed by a relevant quotation from the writings of Ellen G. White and a written meditation prayer.



01 The Alpha and the Omega
02 The Author of Eternal Salvation
03 The Able Advocate
04 The One Altogether Lovely
05 The Bread of Life
06 The Bright and Morning Star
07 The Chief Cornerstone
08 The Door
09 The Hope of Glory
10 The Desire of All Nations
11 The Captain of Salvation
12 The Bridegroom
13 The Consolation of Israel
14 Our Elder Brother
15 The Burden Bearer
16 The Author and Finisher
17 The Arm of the Lord
18 The Rose of Sharon
19 The Lily of the Valleys
20 The Beloved Son
21 The Lion of Judah
22 The Sure Foundation
23 The Subduer of All Things
24 The Friend of Sinners
25 The Head of the Church
26 The Holy and Righteous One
27 The One Mighty in Deed and Word
28 The Sun of Righteousness
29 The True Vine
30 The True Light
31 The Last Adam

01 The Horn of Salvation
02 The Carpenter
03 The Branch
04 The Christ
05 The House Builder
06 The Apostle
07 Our Access to God
08 The Forerunner
09 Creator of all Things
10 The Almighty
11 The Firstborn
12 The Radiance of God's Glory
13 The Overseer of Our Souls
14 The Saviour of the World
15 The Righteous Branch
16 The Beautiful and Glorious Branch
17 The Chiefest Among Ten Thousand
18 The Chosen Servant
19 The Ever-Present Companion
20 The Unchanging Christ
21 The Great Communicator
22 The Good Master
23 The Dayspring From On High
24 The Precious Stone
25 A Tried Stone
26 The Sanctifier
27 The Joy Giver
28 The Amen
29 The Messiah


01 The Mighty Prophet
02 The Fragrant Offering
03 The Overcomer
04 The Power of God
05 The Great Liberator
06 The Light Giver
07 The All and In All
08 The Precious One
09 The Faithful Witness
10 The Infallible Witness
11 My Elect One
12 An Ensign To the People
13 The Great Example
14 The Authentic Friend
15 The Unknown Wrestler
16 The Forgiving Christ
17 The Exalted One
18 The Indescribable Gift
19 The Gracious One
20 God Manifested in the Flesh
21 The Fullness of the Godhead
22 The Teacher and Lord
23 The First and the Last
24 The Living One
25 The Stairway to Heaven
26 The Deliverer
27 The Lord of Glory
28 The Great Confessor
29 The Son of the Highest
30 The Pearl of Great Price
31 The Unifying Head



01 The Heir of All Things
02 The Express Image of God
03 The I Am
04 The Commending Jesus
05 The Prince and Saviour
06 The Prince of Life
07 The One Who Confirms God's Promises
08 Our Surety
09 The Propitiation
10 The Lamb of God
11 The Spotless Lamb
12 The Worthy Lamb
13 The Man of Sorrows
14 The Uplifted Saviour
15 Our Passover
16 The Resurrection and the Life
17 The Exalted and Extolled Servant
18 The Son of God
19 The Son of Man
20 The Perfect Son
21 The Way
22 Shiloh
23 The Scepter
24 The Fountain
25 Our Peace
26 The Heavenly Visitor
27 The Holy One of God
28 The Obedient One
29 The Knocking Christ
30 The Righteous Judge



01 The Great Physician
02 The Covenant
03 The Hiding Place
04 The Able Intercessor
05 The Lord Our Righteousness
06 The Lord of All
07 The Lord of the Sabbath
08 Lord of the Dead and Living
09 The Life
10 The Light of the World
11 The Word
12 The Word of Life
13 The Word of God
14 The Greatest Lover
15 The One Mediator
16 The Master
17 The Captain of the Lord's Host
18 The New and Living Way
19 The Refiner's Fire
20 The Potentate
21 The Peace-Giver
22 The Living Water
23 Jesus of Nazareth
24 The Chief Shepherd
25 The Gentle Shepherd
26 The Good Shepherd
27 The Great Shepherd
28 Superior to the Angels
29 The Master of the Tempest
30 The Rest-Giver
31 The Enabling Christ



01 The Sure Refuge
02 The Root of David
03 The Rock
04 The Satisfied Redeemer
05 The Rock of Ages
06 The Ruler
07 The Rewarder
08 The One Mighty to Save
09 The Ransom
10 The Seed of the Woman
11 A Star out of Jacob
12 The Only Begotten Son
13 The Polished Shaft
14 The Angel of His Presence
15 The Lord Strong and Mighty
16 My Lord and My God
17 The Stone of Stumbling
18 Our Substitute
19 The Teacher Come From God
20 The True God
21 The Reaper
22 The Temple
23 The Truth
24 The Despised One
25 The Wisdom of God
26 The Gift of God
27 God's Spokesman
28 A Light to the Gentiles
29 The Faithful and True
30 The First Fruits



01 Firstborn Among Many Brothers
02 The Glory of Israel
03 The Head Over All Authority
04 The Head of the Church
05 The Unifier
06 The Rich and Generous One
07 The Bread from Heaven
08 The Sacrificial Bread
09 The Holder of the Seven Stars
10 The Compassionate One
11 The Man Among the Lampstands
12 The Keeper of the Keys
13 The Forgiver of Sins
14 The Silent Sufferer
15 The Gift Giver
16 The Just One
17 The Judge of the Living and the Dead
18 Ruler Over the Kings
19 The Abolisher of Death
20 The Server
21 The Messiah
22 The Christ of the Inscribed Hands
23 The Great God and Saviour
24 The One Fairer than Men
25 The Priest and the Sacrifice
26 The Unconquerable One
27 The Fitting High Priest
28 The Great High Priest
29 The Undefiled High Priest
30 The Merciful High Priest
31 The Faithful High Priest



01 The Veil
02 The Rejected Stone
03 The Vanguard
04 Your Holy Servant
05 A Prophet Like Moses
06 The Faultless Man
07 The Saving Name
08 The Healing Name
09 The Homeless One
10 The Rescuer
11 The Prince of Princes
12 Wonderful
13 Counselor
14 The Mighty God
15 The Everlasting Father
16 The Prince of Peace
17 Michael The Great Prince
18 The Master Worker
19 The Guileless One
20 The Light of Men
21 The Lowly King
22 The King of the Jews
23 The King of Israel
24 King of Saints
25 The King of Glory
26 King of Kings
27 Amazing Teacher
28 The Omniscient One
29 The Preeminent One
30 The Zealous One
31 The Male Child



01 Lord and Saviour
02 The Man
03 The One Who Accepts Us
04 The Messenger of the Covenant
05 The Justifying Name
06 The Man Christ Jesus
07 A Servant to the Circumcision
08 The Nazarene
09 The One Who Cares
10 The Extravagant Benefactor
11 The One Who Brings Us to God
12 The Messenger of Peace
13 The Anointed Preacher
14 The Anointed Healer
15 The Proclaimer of Liberty
16 The Recoverer of Sight
17 The One Who Makes Us Complete
18 Proclaimer of the Acceptable Year
19 The Quickener
20 The Pleasure of God
21 The Pure One
22 The Heavenly Man
23 The Lord From Heaven
24 The Redeemer
25 The Garden of Renown
26 The Stronghold
27 The Helper
28 My Companion
29 The Solicitous Saviour
30 The Tender Plant



01 The One Made to be Sin for Us
02 The Obtainer of Eternal Redemption
03 The Rabbi
04 Rabboni
05 The Reconciler
06 God's Mouthpiece
07 The Regenerator
08 The Transfigured Son
09 The Saviour from Heaven
10 The End of the Law
11 The Son of the Blessed One
12 A Strength to the Poor
13 Messiah the Prince
14 The Once-for-All Sacrifice
15 The Trespass Offering
16 The Saviour of the World
17 The Name Above Every Name
18 The Uplifted Redeemer
19 The Root and Offspring of David
20 The Empathic Healer
21 The Lord God Omnipotent
22 The Unsearchable
23 The Indwelling Christ
24 The One of Whom Moses Wrote
25 The Builder of the Temple
26 The Enthroned Priest
27 The Baptizer
28 The Thirst Quencher
29 The Fountain of Life
30 The God of Hope
31 Greater Than Jacob



01 The Sustainer of All Things
02 The Purifier of Sins
03 The Accredited Man
04 The Model Youth
05 The Light of Life
06 The Light of the City
07 The Minister of the Sanctuary
08 The Life-Giving Bread
09 The Witness Bearer
10 The Lord of the Harvest
11 The Heavenly Master
12 The Preferred Man
13 God Incarnate
14 The Water of Life
15 The Husband
16 The Holy One of Israel
17 The Man with Dyed Garments
18 The Glorious Lord
19 The Beautiful King
20 The Strong City
21 The Disarmer of the Enemy
22 The One Who Blots Out Our Transgressions
23 The Preacher of the Kingdom
24 The Man of Prayer
25 The Lover and Consolation
26 The Comforter and Establisher
27 The Thanksgiving Name
28 The Galilean
29 The Self-Revealing Lord
30 The God-Sent Son



01 The Great Light
02 The Testator
03 The Unfailing Companion
04 The Balm in Gilead
05 The Reassuring Jesus
06 The Lover of Children
07 The Obedient Son
08 The God of Peace
09 The Able Helper
10 The Cover From the Tempest
11 The Good Confessor
12 The Umpire Between Us
13 The Revelation of God
14 The Daystar
15 The Lawgiver
16 The Manifested Life
17 The Perfect Cleanser
18 The Greater Than Jonah
19 The Greater Than Solomon
20 The Peacemaker
21 Jesus
22 The Holy Child
23 The Lord's Christ
24 Immanuel
25 Christ The Lord
26 The Unconditional Lover
27 The Great Transformer
28 The Preeminent Lord
29 The Universal Saviour
30 The Vanquisher
31 The Finisher of Our Faith